Dogs of American Politicians

The halls of congress, white house as well as the oval office hosts offices of most famous politicians. For some reason, they come with their pet dogs as security and company. The pets make the busy life of politicians fun and exciting. Psychologists suggest keeping a pet dog is a great way to improve your mood and to keep you fit because you have to take the dog out for daily workouts. Let us specifically feature pet dogs from the most powerful office, White House, which houses the Presidents of the United States of America. The pets have been in full glare of cameras and surprisingly fRom their aCtions, they are seen to enjoy and love the attention. The pet dogs are so gloomy and beautiful because the owners consider a pet hair vacuum for their lovely dogs. Some of these pets have become part of the first families and even joined them in their homes outside the white house, although they now do not get all the media attention as before. Some of the famous politicians (Presidents) who have kept the pet for long and even won awards include

President Franklin D. Roosevelt pet dog, Fala

When President Roosevelt started his third term in 1940, Fala was also brought on board as a new member of the family. His loyalty to him has made him famous in various dog shows. Its unique character allowed him to win many honorary recognitions throughout the world. The pet’s discipline made his master carry him around and enjoy all the privileges of being a masters pet dog. The Scotish native pet stayed with the master for seven years. Their love was recognized when the dog was buried next to the Presidents grave. In addition, the Franklin Roosevelt Memorial in Washington DC had a statue of Fala as an honor for his loyalty

Richard M. Nixon pet dog, Checkers

The senator/ Republican presidential running mate owned Checkers as a pet dog. The donation to his daughter from a campaign supporter in Texas lived for 13 years and died in 1964. However, this pet never saw the doors of white house because of a
massive scandal that made his master resign for the sake of party unity and presidential ambition of his boss. It was evident, its loyalty and antics made the pet famous among the dignitaries, friends, and relatives of his master.

George W. Bush II pet dog, Barney

This is the longest serving former US president’s pet because it has served its
master for two terms and still stay at their retirement home in Texas. The pet was a great fun of any sports evidenced by its evening spent on sports field running around balls. Barney will be remembered for biting a journalist and his master acknowledged that he was not in his normal emotional senses.

Barack Obama pet dog, Bo

The immediate former president also had a

favorite pet, a gift from the Late Senator Edward Kennedy. The pet has been in the limelight due to recognition from its masters and frequent appearances when the former president shares his photos while at home on various social media platforms.

The company and personal security the pets provide the first families is a lifestyle admired by their citizens and the world at large. What we better need to do with our dogs is to love them and feed them with right food so they can stay with us longer than we think, they are part of our family so I am sure that dogs are well taken cared of. Check this for more information regarding the foods need by our pet dogs.