Politician as an athlete

The life of a politician involves meetings, seminars, and conferences the political mileage that drives the economy. If a politician has a poor life work balance, he may end up gaining weight than muscle strength because of lack of physical exercises attributed to minimal time for workouts and the nature of their work. A politician who also an athlete has an upper hand because running involves intensive fitness activities.

Athletics involves marathons, short distance runs, field events, relays, table tennis game and practice with these bots. A politician can choose to engage in a single activity to spice his or her political life as well as promote his social wellbeing. Politics is not a walk in the park, it involves many mental activities, social criticism, staying for long meetings trying to strategize on political drives and meeting supporters. There is little time is left for oneself. An athlete is addicted to morning runs and simple exercises muscle exercises to start the day. This helps in making the body stay fit to sustain the long-standing hours while addressing supporters. The morning run involves a lot of sweating; a good way to get rid of toxins from the body making the politician have a healthy body that fights diseases and infections.

A politician needs a clear body and mind to make the right decision that governs the state. Athletics enhances cognitive development of a politician since it allows the body to stay fit and relax. The moment the body is relaxed the central nervous system enable brain cells to involve logic and reasoning vital for the decision-making process. How does a politician handle public criticism from various quarters? It is through reasoning and intelligence, which is only efficient when the body is active and free from toxins, which cause fatigue and headaches.

The emotional concept of athletics cannot be overlooked. A professional athlete needs skills to ensure he completes the marathon within the shortest time possible. The fact that he can manage to complete the runs as desired is good for his emotional wellbeing. When a politician is emotionally satisfied, he can define the course of his political ambition with confidence, a good virtue to maintain one’s reputation in the political circles.

A politician needs space away from political friends for the sake of widening his social circles. When he involves in athletics he meets other athlete and shares successes, strengths, and challenges in the running field. The new circle of friends helps in building strong relationships outside leadership vital for the wellbeing of an individual. You do not need to have a single career and social affiliation, diverse friends in different sectors assist you to develop humility, patience, and perseverance paramount in the life of a politician.

Athletics in a politician’s life is responsible for physical fitness that aids prevent lifestyle illnesses. At the same time, it builds the social fitness to help him in public relations among fellow politicians and supporters. Lastly, it develops various virtues to make them sustain the challenging political life characterized by criticism and enmity.