The power of coffee for politicians

Politicians are one of the people with the craziest and busiest schedules you can never imagine. At times, they need to be alert for over consecutive 18 hours to ensure run as they expect. The normal human body cannot handle that, it requires an energy booster for them to sustain this kind of lifestyle. Coffee is one such drink, its caffeine content gives it an upper position among the rest of energy giving drinks as a power enhancer. What is the role of caffeine in the body of a politician?

First and foremost, when one consumes coffee it immediately goes to the central nervous system and within seconds to the brain, allowing the brain cells to relax and create a positive attitude ideal for enhancing a politicians mood. This relaxation rejuvenates the brain, which further boosts energy levels of a politician, ready for several tasks ahead of him. Political leaders receive numerous criticisms that can affect their overall health, consumption of coffee ensures he is always relaxed and looks at criticism from a positive perspective instead of it becoming a source of depression. Positive criticism is growth, it also upgrades the politicians reasoning power for him to handle political matters from a critical point of view for him to tackle political matters with great wisdom.

Secondly, coffee improves the overall health of a politician. After a hard days work receiving feedback, doing political rallies, meeting friends, dignitaries, and relatives; comprehending opponents’ strategies, as a politician you are bound to get frequent headaches, inflammation, general body pain and fatigue. Coffee comes in handy to reduce all these anxieties and uncertainties associated with this schedules, the end result is allowing your body to function at optimum levels since there is no abnormal blood flow due to stress and fatigue. This further reduces terminal illnesses brought about by stress and depression.

Thirdly, the stimulant is responsible for enhanced cognitive thinking. What runs around a politician’s mind might make him stop reasoning because there is too much to bear. The worse part of it is when things turn against him politically. Coffee makes him become alerted and improve his concentration span, which makes him use logic, intelligence, and wisdom in decision making. You will realize the prolonged use of the drink improves his cognitive development.

Finally, the health benefits of coffee to a politician cannot be underrated, the drink reduces blood sugar level preventing diabetes, liver diseases, and its side effects. The enhanced energy levels as a result of the stimulant, reduces laziness among politicians, that is why a politician can run so many activities within a day until you are left wondering how he is able to manage all these as an individual. This is a form of mental and physical exercise beneficial for his overall health.

However, despite the numerous benefits of coffee, just like any other drink too much of its consumption may be a cause of insomnia and other health related illnesses; doesn’t matter even you buy one of Top 10 espresso machine from  DeLonghi or check out for gaggia anima reviews, you won’t be able to avoid those illnesses if your immune system is weak. Health experts recommend you drink it for not more that two times a day and just a cup at a time. Otherwise, politicians may not enjoy all the health and physical benefits discussed above.