About Us

Hi! I'm Craig!

My Name is Craig Davis, a writer, editor, and blogger who is the founder of John Glen MP. Davis is a native of California and writes on defending human rights. He is passionate about human rights issues and believes that every individual, society, or group has various rights that should never be violated.

Human rights are standards that enable individuals or groups of people to live with freedom, dignity, justice, equality, and peace. Every human being has the right to all these standards.

Everyone is guaranteed their rights without discrimination or distinction based on language, race, opinion or political affiliation, sex, property, color, religion, social or national origin, birth, or any other status.

Human rights enable individual people and communities to fully develop and thrive. According to most people, human rights are basically moral principles that apply to all humans.

As part of international law, human rights include declarations and treaties that define particular rights every country should uphold. Usually, different nations integrate human rights into their local, state and national laws.

The inspiration behind the John Glen MP Blog

The inspiration behind this blog is John Glen, a politician known for voting against many human rights bills in the UK. How John Glen voted on laws that promote human rights and equality inspired Davis to start this blog and defend human rights.

John Glen MP was born on April 1, 1974. He is a politician under the British Conservative Party and has been the Member of Parliament for Wiltshire’s Salisbury since 2010. Glen is also a previous management consultant and Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Arts, Heritage, and Tourism.

Apart from his previous role at the Digital, Culture, Media, and Sports Department, he’s currently a City Minister and the Treasury’s Economic Secretary.

Other Members of Parliament criticized Glen in 2010 for claiming public expenses for hotel rooms and rental houses in London in spite of owning homes in the city. The MPs already owned homes in London to generate extra income, making the claim illegal.

Glen was either absent or voted against a human rights bill in his time as the MP of Salisbury. Statistics show that he has been absent from Parliament twice when a human rights bill was being passed and voted against four bills. The only bill he passed was the one on repealing the 1998 Human Rights Act.