Laws for marketing automation

We will not necessarily call them laws but they are unwritten rules that govern the use of marketing automation for you to achieve maximum benefits. When these “rules” are not followed by the latter, investment of the marketing automation program will be a waste of resources. It is evident that marketing automation has numerous benefits, some of them include, enhanced customer relationship management, increased business sales through high conversion of leads, development, and creation of effective marketing campaign tools and overall improved business performance but all these do not come on a silver plate, you need to get few tips to help you achieve maximum paybacks.

What are these laws of marketing automation success?

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Provide customers with what they need and sell benefits

I may not need your product not because I lack money but because I just don’t see the value it adds to my daily life. Once you send an Email marketing campaign, add some resources on reasons why it is important for a client to have the product. The informative content might change one’s mind to buy the product.

Customize your communication

How do you feel when one addresses you as ” hi everyone? in an Email, if it’s me, I do not even bother opening it, I automatically regard it as spam. Make sure all your communication are addressed by a clients’ name.

Design attractive campaign tools

Beauty is paramount in any email campaign, use bright colors and killer cover title, which communicates the purpose of the Email at a glance. At the same time, it should have some suspense for one to have the drive to open it and read before they decide on whether to buy or not.

Up to date your CRM database

Customer Relationship Management (CRM), make sure you have valid and up to date information on customers so as to enhance professionalism and overall efficiency of the marketing software

Prompt response

The moment a client responds to any of the Email campaigns, it means there is interest, capture the interest before someone loses hope by waiting impatiently for a response. Answer to any queries as soon as possible, despite the autoresponders, which most people are accustomed to, a real Email explaining and answering a clients’ queries and concern works wonders.

Make follow up

You are in business, make a follow up on all Email campaigns, from the software you are able to know, any effort a client makes, use that to make future campaigns bigger and better.

Stratify your leads

Do not just use lead for marketing purposes, instead, vet them after a number of numerous uses on their value to your business. Are they of help? Have they ever bought a product? Do they even take their time to open the Emails? You would rather have few active subscribers than many invaluable ones. Before you categorize them, make sure you have done your best as a company, such that, it is not your failure in communication that results in poor business conversion.

Marketing software is here to make marketing simpler and effective, its success depends on your usage and proper follow up on these tips as rules for the success of any marketing software. There are many articles regarding this like active campaign or convertkit: a comparison 

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