The Life of a Politician

If there is a life you can both admire and hate in equal measure is the life of a politician. It comes with a lot of share of challenges, trials, temptations, and joy. How do you feel when everyone looks upon you for advice as a political leader? of course, good. It boosts your ego, in fact in the self-actualization of a human being after gaining the economic power all you now strive is the political power.

What entails the life of a politician?
This is one person who can wake up with a plan only for it to change the day. You just planned to have a meet-people tour, only for it to turn to be a political rally or you have to meet a crisis since you are entitled to the people who elected you in office. There is a fire outbreak in your area of jurisdiction, for you t maintain the political life you just have to abandon all the other plans and look into this before a negative brand.

You have sorted most of your electorate and you just feel it is time to have a good time with your family. That is the time you get a phone call for an urgent cabinet meeting, and that is how your family day out is crashed. If you do not have an understanding spouse, then you will have a challenge in raiding your family which in turn has a negative effect on your political career. ” If he/she cannot take care of his nuclear family, how then can we trust him with leadership, charity begins at home.” These are some statements that a politician hears in their daily life.

You led in a politically stiff electoral process, it is not the time to celebrate but also to check on some of your opponents move which might affect your future political career. What plans do they have? How can you counter them? There are also new entrants within the political cycle which might also prove to be a threat to your political life.

The developing countries also have a different political set up; anytime they see a politician, they look at a bank to solve their financial challenges. This is the time you must have money to sort them out at their point of need, lest you be branded negatively. It is not easy.

On a good note, when you are a boss with support staff around you to run errands for you is rewarding. The incentives that the government offers together with your family makes you focus on your political journey rather than the challenges.

You have a security detail with advisors, a hairdresser, a secretary with financial incentives at your disposal. What else do you need? Your work is to involve a lot of logic and intelligence in handling various political issues to maintain your political reputation.

The life of a politician is just a challenge at the beginning, but as you progress along the political ladder, you will find that it is the most fulfilling professions. No wonder, no one ever wants to leave it.