Defending Human Rights

The inspiration behind this blog is John Glen, a politician known for voting against many human rights bills in the UK. How John Glen voted on laws that promote human rights and equality inspired Davis to start this blog and defend human rights.

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My Name is Craig Davis, I am a writer, editor, and blogger. Like what John Glen MP believes, I also believe that human rights are standards that enable individuals or groups of people to live with freedom, dignity, justice, equality, and peace. Every human being has the right to all these standards. 

Everyone is guaranteed their rights without discrimination or distinction based on language, race, opinion or political affiliation, sex, property, color, religion, social or national origin, birth, or any other status.

Human rights enable individual people and communities to fully develop and thrive. According to most people, human rights are basically moral principles that apply to all humans.

The International Bill of Rights

The ICCPR, UDHR, and ICESCR make up the International Bill of Human Rights. The documents detail a list of human rights every government is required to protect, respect and fulfill.

Clearly, governments are expected to promote and respect human rights. Civil society, businesses, and individuals are also tasked with the role of human rights promotion and respect.

Life, liberty and personal security

Work and Health

A fair trial

Social security

Religion and belief

Privacy, Social security, and Opinion

The bill also outlines people’s freedom from torture and treatment that degrades, discrimination, and the right of peaceful association and assembly.

Governments must respect human rights and never deprive their people of a right or interfere with individuals or groups of people who’re exercising their rights. They must protect human rights and prevent private actors or people with personal interests from violating others’ rights.

Additionally, governments must fulfill human rights and take the right positive action towards basic human rights enjoyment among its people.

Why Defend Human Rights?

Craig Davis defends human rights because he believes they are important. Human rights show the least standards that people must meet to live with dignity. It gives individuals the freedom of choice; people can choose how they express themselves, live, and the type of government they want to support, etc.

Human rights also ensure that people have access to basic human needs such as housing or shelter, food and education, ensuring that they make use of all opportunities available to them.

The rights of humans also guarantee liberty, life, security, and equality, ascertaining that people are protected from being abused by those in power.

Human rights, according to the United Nations, ensure that people develop fully and utilize available human attributes such as talent, intelligence, and conscience, to meet personal, physical or spiritual needs.

Inspired by A Leader

"I believe in a society that encourages personal responsibility and gives individuals and businesses the freedom to govern their lives. Whilst the State must look after the old, vulnerable, and those in need with respect and dignity, I am a strong believer in the value of the family unit as a support network".
- John Glen MP

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